Innovative Incubation Center is adopting the concept of resource integration, and applying a brilliant, innovative and service-oriented method. We aim to become a professional incubation center. Our future prospects include:

  1. Upgrading the environment, network, skilled people and services to multiply the number and efficiency of new entrepreneurs.
  2. Cooperating with Central Taiwan Science Park in conjunction with High Tech Industry Cluster project to drive the development of the central Taiwan by assisting the transformation and the upgrade of manufactures, also establishing the ability of practical technology integration and R&D.
  3. Assisting in cultivating small and medium-sized enterprises into high-tech and emerging industry and enabling them to become the listed companies at stock exchange market or over-the-counter market.
  4. Building mutual cooperation and resource sharing among incubation centers to enhance the energy of incubation and provide the overall services to meet company's need.
  5. Reinforcing the industrial benefit of industry and academia collaboration through integrating basic cultivation, academic R&D, technology transfer, industrial development etc., to maximize the effect of resources utilization.
  6. Selecting the high value-added industries which are beneficial to the development of fundamental science. We not only organize the incubation project, but also provide the comprehensive SME technique and consultancy.
  7. Focusing on internationalize incubation center through joining International academic activities and inviting foreign experts come to give lecture in school to have cooperation among nations
  8. Strengthening the ability of incubation center by holding innovation incubation forums or attending activities of international incubation.

IIC enhances the competitiveness and market share in global to create emerging industry and regeneration of business, moreover, creates a strategic alliance with foreign incubation centers to invite overseas companies to station in our center, making IIC be in line with international practice.




stationed business

professional consultation

office space and device support

technical publication

information and administrative support

education/ business/technique  training course

government subsidy application

technical consultation

industry-academia matching & technology transfer

Incubation accelerator Service project

technology accelerator

technology transfer of Intellectual property rights

application of government subsidy

industry-academia collaboration plan

spin-off company of Intellectual property rights

cultivation facilitated-based human development

assistance of attending domestic or foreign fair

Guidance of innovation incubation

assistance of developing education startup

assistance of attending international competitive competition

financial subsidy of education startup

FITI(From Ip to Ipo)


Silicon Valley Selection (Taiwan Innovation Entrepreneurship Center, TIEC)


Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms (GISA)  (outpost of listed companies)

Youth Business Start-Up Loan

Micro/Woman Start-up Loan

SME Credit Guarantee Fund

SME Innovation Development Project Loan

National Development Fund Startup Angel Project


National Quality Award

The Rising Star Award

Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award

National Award of Outstanding SMEs

Business Startup Award

New Star Award

Golden Pin Design Award

Construction of E-Commerce platform (virtual and physical selling platform)

planning of image website

setting of shopping cart system

cascade systems of cash flow/ logistics

service of curator on fan page

video editing

physical selling platform

commercial film design

Commercial Photography

live stream & Internet celebrity

logo design

VI (Visual Identity) design

packaging design

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